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No code means security as you can not create accidental back doors or weakness in the code.

NFT what ?

Non Fongible Token explained in 55 words

A NFT is a digital property certificate. What is linked with the NFT can be a digital asset, a physical asset or both

Trust in the certificate comes with the blockchain protocol that guaranty its veracity.

NFT can host additional rights, whose activation is written before the release of the NFT.

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Release your campain

Yootribe provide ready-to-use templates or API to give you the possibility of finetuning the integration in your system.

First one to register, random issuance...all major use case are predefined.

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Your main audience does not have any wallet yet, Yootribe provides a Wallet to host your NFT's.

With standard bridge protocol, your NFT's can be transfered to any other wallet afterwards.

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